Incubation & ScaleUp Program Batch 5
“Startup Grand Prix”

About the “Startup Grand Prix” program

We believe there are huge opportunities for startups to grow their businesses in Thailand and we know that Thais do have potential. There are lot of talents out there who are striving for excellence in the field of entrepreneurship. Once they adopt and become a part of the ecosystem they would have the chance to make a difference for this country or even beyond. We have the essential resources to create a positive impact for our society. True Incube Incubation & ScaleUp Program Batch 5 – “Startup Grand Prix” is a program designed for startups who have already incorporated themselves as a company. These companies would need to have existing products and services (or a functioning prototype) that is operating in the current market and looking outwards for expansion opportunity.

This opportunity entails a chance for you to work closely with True Corporation and our affiliate companies provided with a springboard to help expand across markets and increase customer base. The 3 month incubation program provides a potential total investment of up to 4.5m but at least 2m in cash and 1m in further media grants*. Furthermore, our network of global investors and VCs attending on Synergy Day would provide a rare opportunity for one to present their products and to become a part of the True Digital Park ecosystem in the near future. Technology infrastructure and co-working space facilities will also be provided as an additional support.


1. To provide businesses the opportunity to scale within a regional level by partnering with True Corporation and its affiliated companies through the incubation process of Thai and International startups.

2. To invest in Thai startups and provide marketing support in driving the Thailand ecosystem towards a status of long term growth and sustainability, based on 4-Win Relationships (Thailand-Startups-Investors- True Corporation & Affiliated Companies).

3. To open up the perspectives of startups within three dimensions, of which, the perspective from the Corporate, successful local startups and those within the global sphere.

Benefits & Rewards*

1. Combination of 2,000,000 - 4,500,000 THB cash* (approx. USD 62k- 140k) and 1,000,000 THB in-kind media value (approx. USD 31k) from Thai News Network TV Channel and True4U TV Channel in exchange with 1-9% equity.

2. Partnership opportunity with True Corporation and its affiliated companies.

3. Bootcamp in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China during July to Sep 2018.

4. 3 dedicated desks at True Digital Park for 12 months.

5. World-class cloud service credit from partner.

6. Synergy (Demo) Day at True Digital Park to international investors in Nov 2018.

7. Silicon Valley Ecosystem Tour at Google HQ in Year 2019 for the best performance team.

8. International and domestic traveling expenses for regional bootcamp sponsor by True Corporation.

*in accordance with terms & conditions in the application form (received by 26th June 2018)

Application Criteria

  1. Registered as a company (either in Thailand or abroad)
  2. Has annual income less than THB 100,000,000
  3. Clear business model with synergistic values and potential to grow (scalable)
  4. Minimum has proof of concept and functioning prototype or traction and users
  5. Able to create proof of concept or functioning prototype during partnership period of 4 month (Jul - Oct)
  6. Able to participate in bootcamp as required in “functioning prototype & requirement briefing” for building partnership in Jul 2018
  7. Able to travel to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China for the period 3-4 days (Aug-Sep)
  8. Able to perform final pitching at True Digital Park in Nov 2018

Preferred Qualifications and will entitle for Extra Consideration for Selection Process

  1. Thai nationality as shareholder (hold at least 1 share) and active member of the team
  2. Committed and passionate team members (e.g. more than 3 members with full- time CTO)
  3. Problem solution fit and long-term growth focused business
  4. Involve in True Corporation’s focused vertical:
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Online to Offline (O2O)
    • SMEs Solutions
    • Digital Platform (Content/Community/Commerce/CRM)
Today - 15 June 2018 via True Incube website / Facebook Open Application
22 June 2018 at Techsauce Global Summit via True Incube website / Facebook Announcement of Short listed 20
27 June 2018 at True Incube Space (Centerpoint of Siam Square 4th floor) Orientation Day / Signing Application / Q&A
28 June - 13 July 2018 Due Diligence
12-13 July 2018 at True Incube Space (Centerpoint of Siam Square 4th floor) Final Round Pitching to Select 5 Winning Teams
15 July 2018 via True Incube website / Facebook Announcement for 5 teams
July - September 2018
16 - 20 Jul : Bangkok, Thailand “Partnership Requirement”
23 - 25 Jul : Singapore “Digital Community & Content”
7- 9 Aug : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam “SME Solutions”
21-23 Aug : Jakarta, Indonesia “SME Solutions”
4 - 7 Sep : Shanghai, China “SME Solutions” & “IoT”
Startup Grand Prix and Regional Bootcamp
Last week of October 2018 Signing of Shareholder Agreements
November 2018 at True Digital Park Synergy (Demo) Day

*in accordance with terms & conditions in the application form (received by 26th June 2018)



Dr. Elizabeth Xu

Group Chief Technical Officer, CP Group

Dr.John Jiang

Group Chief Digital Officer, CP Group

Damien Celestin Joan Durand

Corporate VC, True Corporation



K. Ake


K. Awe


K. Bank

UX Academy

K. Care


K. Garn

LINE Thailand

K. Korlarp

LINE Thailand

K. Ne


K. Nuk


K. Pan J


K. Peem


K. Rachit


K. Sam


K. Ten